I learned early on in my career that selling real estate is not about trading brick and mortar. A home is more than that. It's truly part of the human experience. Ownership is an ideal in American culture and part of the American Dream. Put simply... it's the largest purchase in the lives of most people monetarily and emotionally. I understand this reality and strive every day to sympathize with my clients as they pursue their dream of home ownership.
For 18 years, I have helped over 1,000 buyers and sellers move.
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David Jones

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"David patiently worked with us for two years as we tried to decided whether to buy a condo or a home. He never ever pressured us and he made the whole real estate experience something to look forward to. Once we did decide to buy a home, he found us the perfect fit in the right neighborhood and we have happily lived here the last 2 years. He made the whole process of the closing, the inspection etc. easy and , instead of being stressed out, we enjoyed every minute of the real estate journey."
H. Book